Certificate course in Game Asset Design

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Creating a comprehensive game asset design course involves covering various aspects of 3D modeling, texturing, and optimization specifically tailored for game development.

Module 1: Introduction to Game Asset Design

  1. Overview of game asset design
  2. Importance of optimized assets in game development
  3. Key differences between game assets and high-poly models
  4. Introduction to popular game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine)

Module 2: Understanding Game Art Styles

  1. Overview of different art styles in games
  2. Realistic vs. stylized game assets
  3. Choosing an appropriate art style for a game
  4. Case studies of successful game art styles

Module 3: Basics of 3D Modeling for Games

  1. Introduction to 3D modeling software (Blender, Maya, or others)
  2. Polygonal modeling techniques
  3. Low-poly modeling principles
  4. Blocking out and refining game assets

Module 4: UV Mapping and Texture Creation

  1. Unwrapping UVs for game assets
  2. Importance of texture maps (albedo, normal, roughness, etc.)
  3. Hand-painting vs. photo-sourcing textures
  4. Texture optimization for games

Module 5: PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials

  1. Understanding PBR workflows
  2. Creating PBR materials for game assets
  3. Texture maps and their roles in PBR
  4. Consistency in material application

Module 6: Level of Detail (LOD) Optimization

  1. Importance of LODs in game development
  2. Creating LODs for game assets
  3. LOD implementation in game engines
  4. Balancing visual quality and performance

Module 7: Integration with Game Engines

  1. Exporting assets to game engines
  2. Importing assets into Unity and Unreal Engine
  3. Setting up materials and shaders
  4. Testing assets in a game environment

Module 8: Game Asset Portfolio Development

  1. Building a professional game asset design portfolio
  2. Showcasing assets in a game engine
  3. Presentation techniques for game art portfolios
  4. Preparing files for job applications and freelance work
Softwares: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset

Duration: 3 Months