Basic designing course in 3ds max

Basic Designing Course in 3ds MAX

This course covers complete 3ds max knowledge. You will be introduced to 3ds Max software and usage of it. With the help of this course you can make any 3d models for movies, games and other mediums. .

This course includes:

  • Intro to 3ds max – 3d modelling tools, UI, and primitives.
  • Intro to modifiers, shapes, and helpers.
  • Making 3D model of props.
  • Making Furnitures.
  • Making Vehicles.
  • Make some cartoon character.
  • Introduction to Material Editor
  • Intro and techniques for UV’s and UV Packing.
  • Introduction to light and cameras.
  • Introduction to vray.
  • Render and AOV’s
  • Presentation of your 3D model with textures and lighting.

Software Includes:

3ds MAX



Duration : 3 months